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Crafted together beautifully 

Extreme weather pieces are adapted and styled to suit city streets and can even be styled over and under elegant traditional pieces. Feeling protected and well equipped for urban living is of upmost importance. Technical jackets, quilted layers, utility pockets and belted equestrian harnesses are incorporated into a unique look which can be interchangeable between city and field.

A relaxed yet refined approach of taste with an urban signature in mind, crafted beautifully together. We continue to study our details and progress our position by sustaining our excellence in quality. Our collection reflects an aesthetic strong in character with a polite feel and approach, an understated confidence to knowledge and taste.

Our menswear knitwear collection embraces lux, tradition and touch alongside strong vibrant symbolic art graphics such as our heritage letter H (marking the goal post in the sport of Polo) and our polo player stencil artwork found in our intarsia styles.

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