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Lawyers Polo Tournament, a great success of South African polo

The ninth edition of the Lawyers Polo Tournamen 2022 , at the Plett Polo Club in South Africa, has ended. A new great success for the South African polo , which was played from Tuesday, March 14 to Saturday, March 19. This great edition featured a total of 10 teams formed by internationally renowned lawyers who gathered around polo to share the spirit of the sport and, in addition, help with solidarity causes to local communities. In a unique location and environment on the shores of Pletterberg Bay .

There were a variety of social events, day and night, sporting activity and a lot of camaraderie throughout the week of the tournament. In terms of sports, Al Maria team, with Jacinto Peralta Ramos, Miguel Caetano, Filipe Almeida and Jossie Spilsbury, won the Gold Cup in this ninth edition. Mena Lega was runner-up and the local team Plett Polo won the Silver Cup. When it came to individual awards, MVP Silver Cup Daniel Hurstel, MGP Silver Cup Emma Gordon, MVP Gold Cup Jacinto Peralta Ramos and MGP Gold Cup Christoph Kerres stood out .


In this edition there was the presence of law professionals from: Argentina, Austria, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Macau, Malaysia, Portugal, Slovakia, Singapore, Switzerland, Chile, Venezuela, United Kingdom and the United States .


About to celebrate its first decade, this tournament was created by Eduardo Bereterbide , a successful Argentine lawyer based in Paris, passionate about polo and horses, with the aim of bringing together all the lawyers in the world who play polo. Thus the Lawyers Polo association was founded in 2008, with law and chivalry as its main pillars.


Lawyers Polo also focuses on giving back to the local community and each year they work with an infant charity. The organizations are Sabrina Love Foundation and The Plettenberg Bay Music Field Band .

Awards and final positions MVP Silver Cup: Daniel Hurstel


MGP Silver Cup: Emma Gordon


MVP Gold Cup: Jacinto Peralta Ramos


MGP Gold Cup: Christoph Kerres


Winner Gold Cup - Al Maria: Jacinto Peralta Ramos; Miguel Caetano; Filipe Almeida; Jossie Spilsbury.


Finalist Gold Cup - Mena Legal: Markus Cork, Diogo Almeida, Harry Stirk, Thomas Rinderknecht. 


Silver Cup - Plett Polo: Agustin Albornoz, Emma Gordon, Gee Millar, Chris Lund.

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