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Hugo Taylor


146 goals in a season with a winning personality to match. Hugo Taylor first picked up a polo mallet at seven years old, riding fluffy ponies. He played his first competitive match at nine years old. Since then, he’s played with, against and been coached by some of the best players on earth.


These include world leaders like Facundo and Gonzalo Pieres, Eduardo Heguy, England captain James Biem, Audi International player Malcolm Borwick, and polo legend Julian Hipwood. 


All agree that as a player, horseman and human being, Hugo is something special. Exceptionally talented, madly and engagingly enthusiastic, with a passion to learn, excel at and communicate his sport.

"I always wanted to play at the high level in Argentina"

Hugo Taylor is having a very busy few days. Being far from the cold of London, and enjoying the summer in Buenos Aires. Not only that: he is spending most of his time in La Dolfina, one of the best places to learn more about polo, which is essential for young players. "Adolfito invited me when we were in England. We were taking care of horses together and he told me to come here to Cañuelas in the Argentine season, " Hugo told CLICKPOLO UK. "Here in Argentina he is giving me a hand to improve my level of polo, organization, etc. The truth is that it I am learning and enjoying it a lot." Taylor will play the Province Cup along with Poroto Cambiaso, Benjamín Urquiza Rueda, and Uruguayan Alejo Taranco. It is one of the most outstanding competitions in Argentina, with the participation of 14 teams between 22 and 24 goals.

"I always wanted to play at the high level in Argentina. So playing the Province with Poro and La Dolfina is very important to me. I hope in the future I can continue playing with good teams," he added. Taylor' team will face two teams from La Natividad in their Zone, both totaling 24 goals, one of the highest levels of his career so far. In the first game (Poroto did not play), his team lost against La Natividad staring Barto Castagnola, one of the rising stars of polo. There are no doubts: These are excellent days for Hugo Taylor, in Argentina.


With young players of Hugo’s quality and personality, the future of our sport is secure. He’ll be a great ambassador for us.’

Fred Mannix - Canada’s highest ranked polo player and Hurlingham Polo Brand Ambassador


Youngest High Goal Player, at the age of 17. Now playing for the King Power team, ranked No.1 in the UK.


Plays across the world for England Juniors. Polo scholarship


Polo scholarship to Harrow school.


Most valuable player in Harrow v. Eton and the Copenhagen Cup three years running.


Winner of the Buckmaster, England’s most competitive junior tournament.


Averaging 80 competitive matches a year, scoring eight goals in one match, 146 goals in a season, the longest being 120 yards.


Victor Ludorum, National 6 Goal player at the age of 13.


Played for over 40 different teams in the UK and globally, in Argentina, Barbados, China, France, South Africa, Spain and USA.


‘An outstanding player and rider who is totally at one with the horse.’

Frankie Dettori
Champion Jockey

‘He consistently impresses his coaches with his enthusiasm, knowledge and attitude to learning.’

Oliver Hughes
Deputy Chief Executive
The Hurlingham Polo Association

‘Hugo is capable of being one of the best players England has ever produced - very talented.’

Eduardo Heguy
Former No.1 player in the world

‘Hugo is very skilled and is working hard to ensure he succeeds at the highest level. I am looking forward to playing the UK 2017 high goal season with him for The King Power team.’

Facundo Pieres
World’s Top Player

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