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The 10th Lawyers Polo closed the year with a bang in Alegría

Lawyers Polo returns to Argentina. Ten years after its creation, the contest will be held at Alegría Polo Club between December 6 and 10, with the participation of 10 teams, which brings together high-level lawyers who come from all over the world to play and have fun among themselves. friends, as well as lending a hand to charitable causes related to boys.

Eduardo Bereterbide, an Argentine lawyer registered in Buenos Aires and New York and his own studio in Paris dedicated to international arbitration, is the soul and heart of this event, which also includes a networking space, in interesting colloquiums and exchanges of opinions.


The tournament was presented on Monday, December 5, with a gala attended by some 400 people; a splendid event held in the equally splendid Golden Hall of the Teatro Colón, one of the most iconic and emblematic places in Buenos Aires and recognized worldwide as the theater with the best acoustics in the world. During the event, there was classical music with the orchestra of the Mother Teresa School, located in Virreyes and directed by Father Juan Pablo Jasminoy. The Mother Teresa School is the institution with which Lawyers Polo will collaborate, in order to generate a minimum of 30 scholarships so that 30 children receive education and food until they finish their schooling.


Regarding the contest, the teams are confirmed by lawyers, amateur players, from the United States, England, Ireland, Portugal, France, Germany, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Nigeria, Venezuela, Colombia and, of course, Argentina.



Bereterbide Conseils:  Eduardo Bereterbide, David Tafuri, Victor Decrion, Garth Kanigowski.

Kerres Partners:  Alfredo Boden, Ignacio Rueda, Gerry Gan, Misty Allen.

Al-Maria:  Jacinto Peralta Ramos, Miguel Caetano, Filipe Almeida, Maike Holty.

BDFM:  Jose Frias Silva, Martin Goni, Joel Romero, Angel Sanguinetti.

Shawn Coulson:  Carlos Rivas, Tomas Brave, Nicanor Moreno Crotto, Mehdi Tirmizi.

Vontobel:  Martin Bleier, Jean de Breuil, Edouard Guerrand, Louisa Watt.

Quanto-Pay:  Juan Vigo, Eduardo Fevre, Rodrigo Sola Torino, Marcelo Villegas.

Legal Ore:  Eduardo Nieto (Jr), Dinyar Madon, Rafael Cuneo Libarona, Tomas Allende.

Four Seasons:  Manuel Bereterbide (Jr), Alex Berry, Philipp Saame, Emma Gordon.

Texas Tornadoes:  Alfredo Vargas, Julio Saguier, Charles Fridge, KC Elspeth Talbot Rice.

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